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    Your dog's surest way to health is by preventing disease. Sane feeding, clean quarters, enough exercise, and adequate care of his coat and skin are essential to keeping him fit. Keep him away from infection. If you suspect that another dog is ill, don't let your dog play with him. Grown dog or pup, your pet may have at some time an encounter with worms. Practically all puppies have worms. Breeders commonly worm puppies before and after weaning. However, don't assume on slight evidence that your puppy has worms. Unnecessary dosage with worm medicine can get a pup or dog into serious trouble. Careless use of worm remedies may jeopardize the health of a dog. If a puppy throws up some food, many owners think the animal needs worm medicine. This is wrong, because a puppy is apt to throw up a great deal. If he couldn't do this he'd be in continual trouble, because puppies swallow everything from chips to paper. It is nature's way of helping him correct his eating mistakes.If you're looking for more tips, how Banixx gets rid of hot spots has it for you.


    SYMPTOMS OF WORMS: A puppy infested with worms may have an unthrifty coat or skin; a big appetite out of proportion to his size; he may suffer a loss of appetite; his eyes may water; he may be unable to keep food on his stomach; he may have fits from worms; he may show a marked lack of energy.


    WORM TYPES: The round worm is most common. When passed out of the dog's body, the round worm looks like a piece of string. Next comes the tape worm, a troublemaker that nature built much like a speedometer cable. The tapeworm has segments, and if the dog is to be entirely freed all the segments and the head must be expelled. Hookworm, whipworm, and heartworm are other dangerous parasites that menace the health of dogs, and give them continuous physical distress.


    If you think your dog has worms, have a veterinarian make a microscopic examination. He will tell you what type , of worm is worrying your dog, and advise you on the correct treatment. If you worm the dog at home, follow the directions on the medicine package closely. I know of an owner who decided that if one worm capsule would benefit a dog of a certain weight, two would be better. That sort of thoughtless treatment could easily kill a puppy, and a strong vermifuge may endanger the health-or life-of a grown dog.

    Distemper, short of a charge of buckshot, is the worst thing *00W a dog can encounter along his span of life. It has been called the most dangerous enemy of the modern dog, since it kills thousands of dogs yearly. No cure has been developed for it, but serums and vaccines are being used with success to immunize dogs against distemper. My advice, after considerable experience, is to have puppies immunized by a veterinarian. The treatment costs little and may save your dog's life. But remember-act early.


    Young dogs seem more susceptible to distemper than old ones. However, any age or breed may contract it, although some dogs never get distemper. Distemper is so contagious and infectious that, once started in a kennel, there will be an epidemic unless the owner takes extreme precautions and severe measures to stop it. Often a dog has the beginnings of distemper for several days before his owner realizes the danger and acts. If your dog shows marked signs of being unwell-is low in energyhas a discharge from his eyes or nose-possibly coughs a little-and won't eat, hurry him to a veterinarian. I've saved some of my dogs in just this way.


    TREATMENT FOR DISTEMPER: Distemper is such a virulent disease, has so many complications involving the digestive system, the respiratory tract, and the nervous system, that it is hardly a dog sickness for the inexperienced amateur to handle alone. If it is at all possible consult a veterinarian. Distemper is the kind of a dog disease that needs the services of a dog expert, especially in the early stages, when the veterinarian may be able to do a lot of good by the use of a modern, effective serum.

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    Important Things To Know About Dog Hot Spots

    The condition of a sick dog's bowels should always be considered. Constipation and diarrhea are common ailments that are responsible for much ill health. Besides the character and frequency of passages, both diseases are accompanied by straining and in some cases colicky pains. When a dog comes out of the kennel in the morning stiff, sore, and barely able to move, is all humped up, and the history of the case shows that he was given either a hard run the day before, jumped into a pool while heated, became chilled by a cold rain, or slept in a draught or on a bed of wet straw, rheumatism should be suspected.


    When the animal is found sitting on his haunches, his forelegs braced apart so as to expand the chest, his breathing accelerated, and the membranes of the eye dark and congested, and the history of the case is the same as that last given, pneumonia is indicated. If pressure upon the walls between the ribs causes him to flinch and groan, the pleura or membrane surrounding the lungs is affected, and we have pleurisy. If the small veins of the eye show a yellowish tinge, it is an indication of a disordered liver, and the treatment for jaundice should be administered.


    If a dog has been in good health and is suddenly taken sick, exhibiting violent symptoms of pain and great distress, with attempts to vomit or a rigidity of the muscles, poison should be suspected, particularly if he has been allowed to run about freely, or other dogs in the neighborhood have been similarly affected.

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    The dogs that have this problem are nutritionally and physically normal, yet pruritus, skin irritation and hair loss are noticed. By discussing with the pet owner about the diet, activity, medication etc of the dog the veterinarian will rule out the other form of dermatitis. From the history taking the veterinarian will find out that the loves to play in the swimming pool, likes to dig holes in the mud and prefers to romp in the field.

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    "There is this myth, that America is a melting pot, but what happens in assimilation is that we end up deliberately choosing the American things - hot dogs and apple pie - and ignoring the Chinese offerings. "
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